Diaries, Letters, Papers and Accounts

Although the history books present the facts of the Civil War in--sometimes--minute detail, they fall far short of describing the war's impact on those who participated and those whose hometowns and farms were turned into bloody battlegrounds. For this view of America's bloodiest conflict we must turn to the first-hand accounts of those whose lives were most affected.


CUMMINGS, A. Boyd - Lieutenant aboard USS Richmond (KIA 3/14/1863), Cummings describes events after the engagement with Fts. Jackson & St. Philip. (New 01/11/01)

DICKINSON, James A. - Fascinating diary of a 14-year-old boy who enlists in the Navy in May of 1863. Describes daily events aboard USS Tahwah; 6/1863 - 5/1864.

DUFF, John T. - Aboard Army transports and USS Benton; 8/1861 - 4/1862.

EDSON, Ambrose H. - Aboard USS Tuscumbia passing Vicksburg batteries; 4/18/1863.

GREENE, Ezra (2nd RI, Co. C) - Infantry service around Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. Detached Service aboard USS Louisville; 6/1861 - 10/1862.

HAGERTY, John - Aboard USS Carondelet; 9/1864 - 8/1865.

HOCKETT, Mahlon - Aboard USS Carondelet; 9/1862 & 11/1862.

LOCKNEY, James B. (28th WI, Co. G) - White & Ark Rivers, Mobile bay; 8/1863 - 3/1865
MESSLER, Basil H. (Miss. Marine Brigade) - Patroll duty along the Mississippi and the destruction of Yazoo City; 2/1864 - 1/1865

SCHUERMANN, Fred (U.S. Navy) - Aboard the monitor USS Milwaukee; 10/1864 - 11/1864.

SCOTT, Newton - (Co. A, 36th IA Vols)- Yazoo pass expedition and action at Helena & Little Rock, AR; 10/1862 - 8/1865.

UNDERWOOD, Albert (9th IN, Light Artillery USA) - Encampment at Vicksburg and movements of unit during the Red River Expedition; 1/1864 - 1/1865.

WHITAKER, Ezra (Engineer, U.S. Navy) - Aboard USS Lackawanna with accounts of Mobile Bay and CSS Harriet Lane; 1864.


A REVELATION OF WAR: CIVILIANS IN HARDIN COUNTY, TENNESSEE, SPRING 1862 - An excellent account of events and conditions around Savannah, TN, leading up to and during the Battle of Shiloh.

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